Croatian Coast: My Next Summer’s Trip

Boats at Dubrovnik old town port If you’ve ever seen the show Game of Thrones, then you might already recognize the picture to the left as a familiar place: King’s Landing. I was recently surprised to learn that this was a real place and not just computer-generated in the show. I was even more surprised (and delighted) to learn that this beautiful city along the coast was Dubrovnik in Croatia, a country that I’ve always wanted to visit and where my ancestors are from.

Doing a 1-2 week summer trip along the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia would be an absolute dream, but I plan on doing it next summer. The trip would start at the southern tip of the country in Dubrovnik, where I would enjoy the giant walled city and all of its history through walking tours, museums, beaches, and stunning mountaintop views.

From there, I might travel up the coast via cruise line or ferry up to Hvar, which is a renowned island just off the coast. It is an island known for its lush plant life, picturesque beaches, secluded coves, vineyards, and forests. What a relaxing time that would be.

Next, and perhaps finally, might be a boat ride back to the mainland and Split, Croatia. Split, with its beautiful seaside promenades and bustling urban vibe, is the unofficial capital of Croatia.

I’m excited to plan this trip out more and think of an itinerary – it will be great to get out of the US soon!


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