Driving Down Highway 101 – My Next West Coast Trip

highway-101-300x187 I have spent a good amount of time in California (sepcifically San Francisco and the Bay Area), and I have gotten to visit Seattle, which was one of the US cities near the top of my bucket list. However, I have never done the storied trip down Highway 101 and seen the sights of the Pacific coast. This is a trip that I would like to make in the next few years of my life, and here are the destinations I’m looking forward to the most (assuming I start the trip near Seattle).

First stop that I think would be great is Olympic National Park in Washington. The northwesternmost tip of the continental US, the cost here looks beautiful and I would love to spend a sunset on the bluffs overlooking the ocean and taking in all the different colors.

I’ve always wanted to visit Oregon, and Astoria Oregon would be the next major stop along the way. It is a town filled with history, with it being the first American settlement west of the Rocky Mountains. I’m excited to see all of the sites and monuments the town has to offer, and would spend at least a few days there.

In between Oregon and California, I’m not sure there is a place I have decided that I need to go to, besides Big Sur in California. This is a required stop on the trip, in my opinion. I have a few friends who have spent some days there, and they have said the mountain scenery and landscape is absolutely stunning there. It would be really cool to camp here and just hang out for a few days.

Hopefully as times gets closer to me planning this trip, I will figure out more extraordinary places to add to the trip agenda!


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