Life Down Under In Australia

Australia has always been a mysterious but fascinating place to think about visiting. It is a continent but it is also just a big island in my mind (well, not to have too much cognitive dissonance technically it is both). It is high on my list of places to visit and it is close enough to Southeast Asia that I could potentially tackle it in one trip. Regardless of when or how I eventually take a trip down under to Australia, here are some things I’m excited about.

First is the unique animal and food situation. I would love to go into the wild and see a kangaroo and koala bear live, or in some sort of wildlife preserve. It would also be cool to get to try kangaroo meat and see hwo it tastes versus what we Americans are used to with beef, pork, and chicken. A few animals I do not mind if I avoid completely are the black widow spider and the several tyoes of highly venemos snakes that can only be found there. When I think of Australian wildlife, I think of very dangerous but one of a kind creatures.

Second, it would be really cool to absorb and take in Australian culture. Their people, particularly the young people, are known to be very laid back and go with the flow. The climate of most of Australia is either trpoical or sub-tropical and warm most of the year, so a lot of beach and multiple outdoor activities are the go-to. I would also love to go surfing in Australia, particularly in the numerous sports made famous by the movie “Endless Summer”. I need to make this trip happen as soon as possible.


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