St. Louis

I took a weekend trip down to St. Louis recently with my girlfriend, and have come to realize how under-appreciated the city is by me. Maybe it is because I am such a fan of Kansas City (where my dad’s side is from) that I’ve never had much room in my heart for a rival city in Missouri, but regardless I had a great trip there visiting friends.

We went to St. Louis on a weekend in late April, and even though the weather was a bit below normal for the time of year, it was still very crisp but nice. We spent the majority of Friday checking out the botanical gardens, which were beautiful and very peaceful. At night, we went to a rooftop bar in downtown that overlooked the Cardinals stadium. It was pretty cool as you could see into the stadium and there was a game that was just starting when we were there. We also went to a great Cajun restaurant nearby for dinner.

The reason for the such rave review, however, is due almost wholly to a great sandwich spot that we discovered, that had maybe the tastiest sandwich I have ever had. The place is called Sisters Sandwich Shoppe in the South City neighborhood and it is fairly new. I got the Gabagool sandwich, and to say it was incredible would be an understatement. The Italian style sandwich with diced pepperoncini was simply to die for – I would highly recommend this place to anyone and encourage you to visit.


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