About Alexander Mosnick

Alexander Mosnick

Based in Chicago, Alexander Mosnick is a strategy consultant and associate relationship manager at Aon Inpoint Consulting where he helps global insurance organizations develop strategic initiatives when entering new markets, developing insurance products, analyzing business books, and managing data. Alexander Mosnick started out at Aon as an assistant strategy consultant responsible for analyzing datasets for Aon and its clients, creating financial models outlining insurance premium opportunities, and organizing research interviews with insurance practitioners.

Prior to Aon, Mr. Mosnick held internship positions at UBS Global Asset Management, where he allocated equities and fixed income securities to client portfolios, and JP Morgan, where he supported mortgage advisors and bankers in managing over 150 mortgage applications.

Alexander Mosnick graduated from Northwestern University with a major in economics and a minor in business institutions. During his time at the university, he served as head of fundraising for the men’s rugby team and participated in a Study Abroad program for four months at the Arcadia College of Global Studies in Athens, Greece.