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My Upcoming Trip to Alaska

AlaskaI’ve recently decided that, to get away from all the quarantine and madness in the continental US, I would take a trip that I’ve always wanted to go on: Alaska. It was a great and viable socially-distanced trip option to consider, anyways. Luckily, I found two friends who agreed to go as well, and we are going to go in late July into August.

Here is my rough itinerary of places that I want to see, and things that I plan on doing, during my 15 (!!) day adventure:

Anchorage / Denali / Fairbanks – the first part of the trip will be spent seeing these three places via a 3-4 day car trip. We are going to fly into Anchorage and then drive north to Denali to see the great outdoors (and hopefully some moose and bears). From there, we will go even further north to Fairbanks to see the scenery along the way and hopefully more wildlife. Also, a must-do is to stop by Santa’s house in nearby North Pole, Alaska.

Kenai Peninsula – this will be the most active part of the trip and probably be the highlight. We will drive back down past Anchorage and into the Kenai Peninsula for 4-6 days. There, we plan on hiking, kayaking, bear spotting, white water rafting, and fishing. We will stay in two different towns, most likely Seward and Homer. The excitement is building.

Juneau and Southern Alaska – the last 4-6 days of the trip will be spent here, after flying in from Anchorage. We plan on taking boat trips in this area of Alaska and going island-hopping to numerous towns. Activities will include whale-spotting, eagle spotting, kayaking, glacier hiking, and regular hiking.

There’s no better time to take this trip, and I can’t wait. I may write about my adventures in progress, so stay tuned!


Golfing Amenities at Crystal Lake Country Club in Illinois

Alex Mosnick serves Aon Inpoint in Chicago as an associate strategy consultant. A graduate of Northwestern University, Alex Mosnick earned a scholarship as a caddy at Crystal Lake Country Club, a club northwest of Chicago that will turn 100 years old in 2022.

One of the club’s main attractions is its 18-hole golf course, considered one of the toughest in the Midwest. Surrounded by 135 acres of forest, the course features bentgrass greens. From the blue tees the course is rated 73.1 with a slope of 138, and the red tees offer a 72.4-rated course on a slope of 131.

Many distinguished golfers have called Crystal Springs home, foremost among them Fritz Franz (1898-2007), who finished 10th in the same college tournament that Arnold Palmer won and took top honors in 60 amateur events.

Along with a complete pro shop where two professionals offer advice, Crystal Springs sponsors numerous members’ events, such as husband-wife and parent-child tournaments and ladies’ and men’s championships. In summer 2020, the club will offer its Monday program for junior golfers and swimmers.

Scotland Travel Tips – Packing for the Weather

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As a strategy consultant for Aon, PLC, Alexander (Alex) Mosnick has overseen multiple projects for several prominent clients. Outside of his work, Alex Mosnick enjoys traveling and has visited the country of Scotland.

Scottish weather is unpredictable, making it difficult to anticipate what you will need to pack for a trip. While your morning may start sunny and warm, by midday you could be battling strong wind and heavy rain.

The best way to prepare for Scotland’s unpredictable weather is to plan your wardrobe with layering in mind. With layers, you can add or remove clothing as needed.

Since days often turn wet in Scotland, pack a waterproof jacket with a hood for your top layer. A windproof umbrella is a good idea since the rain is often accompanied by winds too strong for a regular umbrella.

Water-resistant or quick-drying pants and an extra pair of socks will also help keep you comfortable and warm when bad weather strikes. You might also want to consider a waterproof backpack to store your layers so they will always be at hand when needed.

Bringing Team Focus to Shared Projects For Maximum Output


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Shared Projects

A strategic consultant based in Chicago, Alexander Mosnick helps businesses succeed through proven management practices. Areas of particular focus for Alexander Mosnick include time management and team collaboration.

One of the key elements of success in business is productivity in the workplace. A productive team gets the job done and well, delivering maximum value for clients and end users. Achieving this begins with limiting the number of tasks at hand so that individual team members are not distracted or overwhelmed.

It is better to focus on a broad project instead of constantly transitioning between different projects. Break down the project into specific tasks and assign to team members based on their skill sets and areas of knowledge. Set clear objectives from the beginning and review each milestone as the team progresses.

Keep in mind that coordinating team members on a shared project does not always mean inhabiting the same physical space. Take advantage of technology to streamline processes, create structure, and support real-time collaboration. Applications such as Google Docs and Slack allow individual members to work on their assignments and collaborate simultaneously with others instantly.