The Northwestern University Economics Program


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Northwestern University

A strategy consultant with Chicago-based Aon, Alexander Mosnick serves as a core team member on a variety of projects. Alexander Mosnick attended Northwestern University in Evanston for his bachelor’s degree on a prestigious full scholarship for golf caddies, studying economics and business.

The economics degree program at Northwestern University has 17 required courses in economics and closely related fields. Six of the courses provide core, foundational knowledge of the field, such as macroeconomics, microeconomics, and applied econometrics. Beyond these, students must take at least six 300-level economics classes, though some can be courses that provide an economics perspective on other fields, such as economic anthropology or mathematical modeling for finance. The final five include mathematics, statistics, and three courses in related fields such as psychology, history, or anthropology.

Economics students at Northwestern also are encouraged to pursue honors in the program. To receive honors in economics, students must complete a research paper during their final year of study. Exceptional students are encouraged to pursue additional studies, including double majors and a four-year bachelor’s to master’s program.