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About the Northshore Health System’s Young Associates Board

A bachelor of arts in economics and business from Northwestern University in Evanston scholarship on a prestigious full board and tuition scholarship, Alex Mosnick is a strategy consultant at AON Inpoint Consulting PLC. Besides work, Alex Mosnick is a member of several organizations, including the Northshore Health System’s Young Associates Board.

Established in 2003, the Young Associate’s Board of the Northshore University Health System comprises young professionals who aim to provide philanthropic, educational, volunteer, and social opportunities for young adults in the local community. It primarily focuses on youth in their 20s and 30s. Since its inception, the board has raised over $1 million to aid NorthShore Evanston Hospital’s Henrietta Johnson Louis Infant Special Care Unit (ISCU) and the Department of Pediatrics for vital patient care programs.

The board also offers programs to benefit the members, including building professional and social networks, developing new skills, and creating a lasting impact in the community. The board also set up a fund, the Associate Board Emergency Family Fund, to provide direct support for vulnerable and underserved families in the community. The fund is financed from proceeds of the annual benefit.


Scotland Travel Tips – Packing for the Weather

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As a strategy consultant for Aon, PLC, Alexander (Alex) Mosnick has overseen multiple projects for several prominent clients. Outside of his work, Alex Mosnick enjoys traveling and has visited the country of Scotland.

Scottish weather is unpredictable, making it difficult to anticipate what you will need to pack for a trip. While your morning may start sunny and warm, by midday you could be battling strong wind and heavy rain.

The best way to prepare for Scotland’s unpredictable weather is to plan your wardrobe with layering in mind. With layers, you can add or remove clothing as needed.

Since days often turn wet in Scotland, pack a waterproof jacket with a hood for your top layer. A windproof umbrella is a good idea since the rain is often accompanied by winds too strong for a regular umbrella.

Water-resistant or quick-drying pants and an extra pair of socks will also help keep you comfortable and warm when bad weather strikes. You might also want to consider a waterproof backpack to store your layers so they will always be at hand when needed.

Bringing Team Focus to Shared Projects For Maximum Output


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Shared Projects
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A strategic consultant based in Chicago, Alexander Mosnick helps businesses succeed through proven management practices. Areas of particular focus for Alexander Mosnick include time management and team collaboration.

One of the key elements of success in business is productivity in the workplace. A productive team gets the job done and well, delivering maximum value for clients and end users. Achieving this begins with limiting the number of tasks at hand so that individual team members are not distracted or overwhelmed.

It is better to focus on a broad project instead of constantly transitioning between different projects. Break down the project into specific tasks and assign to team members based on their skill sets and areas of knowledge. Set clear objectives from the beginning and review each milestone as the team progresses.

Keep in mind that coordinating team members on a shared project does not always mean inhabiting the same physical space. Take advantage of technology to streamline processes, create structure, and support real-time collaboration. Applications such as Google Docs and Slack allow individual members to work on their assignments and collaborate simultaneously with others instantly.

Support Mental Health Services by Attending the American Craft Expo

Alexander Mosnick
Alexander Mosnick

A broker for business development and intellectual property solutions at Aon Inpoint Consulting in Chicago, Alexander “Alex” Mosnick develops his leadership and public speaking skills as a member of Toastmasters International. Alex Mosnick also gives back to the community by serving on the Young Associates Board for the NorthShore University HealthSystem.

Since its establishment in 1891, NorthShore has pioneered quality treatment and enhanced patient care, including developing the first vaccine for whooping cough. For more than a century, the NorthShore Foundation has led philanthropic efforts in the local community as well.

To support its philanthropic activities, NorthShore hosts several fundraisers each year, including the annual American Craft Expo (ACE), which features the work of local artisans and supports services in the field of mental health. The 35th Annual ACE will take place September 20-22 at the Chicago Botanic Garden. The event will also include a special Benefit Preview Party on September 19.

For more information about the event and to view some of the artists’ work, visit americancraftexpo.org.