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Orlando – My Next Destination

Each winter, to escape the cold in Chicago, I go down to the Orlando area to go on a golf trip with a few buddies of mine. It is always an exciting affair for me considering how much I love the game of golf and spending quality time with friends. What makes this trip so special, though, is the ability to see and experience a new part of the world each year. Though we have chosen a resort outside of Orlando for the first 3 years, our plan is to venture to new places in the Southern US each winter for a new destination. Here’s a few things that are great about the Orlando area.

First, the climate and outdoor scene there is just so great – there is a lot of outdoor space around those areas of Florida, and for good reason – it is almost always warm there. Sometimes it will get chilly or windy in the wintertime, but for the most part the climate is subtropical and temperatures still stay in the 60s and 70s in the day time in the winter. February is a particularly great month to visit because of the low humidity. Can’t wait to get out of this Chicago slushy mess!

The second reason I enjoy the Orlando area is because it is where DisneyWorld is located, and I have always wanted to go there. My family wasn’t much of a theme park going family when I was growing up, and that was fine. It has always just been somewhere that I want to go at least once to experience. If I were to go there as an adult with other adults I would go to the “Countries of the World” part of the park and visit the many different themed bars there. Of course, if I went there with a kid / family I would do the more traditional Disney experience of seeing the entertainers and rides. One day I will get there, just to do it once!