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The Beauty of China

The concept of visiting China has always been very alluring to me, ever since I was a young boy. My dad went to Beijing and surrounding areas for business several times when I was little and he brought back some small souveneirs. I was fascinated by his slide shows of the bustling inner city and also the Great Wall of China. Chinese culture and history is so rich and complex, going back 3000 years as the country has largely been under one unified rule for that whole time. China is more than 10 times older than the United States, which is a crazy thing to think about. Anyways, here are a few of the things I would like to do in China.

First and foremost, I want to visit the Great Wall. An amazing wonder of the world, it is 1,000 years old (for the most part) and thousands of miles in total wall length. It is always really cool for me to see feats such as this, which is why I was so interested in going to see the Pyramid at Giza (and which I actually got to do!).

A second historical spot I would like to visit is the vault of the Terra Cotta soldiers in Xian. Built by an emporer to protect his tomb, there are thousands of stone soldiers and horses, carved with incredible detail. This is one of those feats of humanity that you just have to admire.

For whatever reason I’ve always wanted to go to Macau. The Chinese are largely obsessed with gambling, which has led to the growth of Macau as a gambling mecca taht is several times the size of Las Vegas. On top of that, it looks so beautiful, majestic, and fun in all of the pictures and videos I have seen of the city.

Last, but of course not least, the food. I love Chinese food, at least the American version, so I really want to try the traditional style of noodles, rice, and spices. Oh and of course I would like to try duck prepared the traditional way, my dad has always talked about how much he enjoyed that in Beijing.